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/admin chat [on | off | message]factions.commands.admin.chatUses the admin chat
/admin dutyfactions.commands.admin.dutyStaff mode, enables all the staff commands. Aliases: /staffmode; /staff
/admin deletefaction <faction> <reason>factions.commands.admin.deletefactionDeletes the selected faction.
/admin deposit <faction> <amount>factions.commands.admin.depositDeposits to the selected faction. Your own account money won't be used.
/admin freeze <player>factions.commands.admin.freezeFreeze the selected player
/admin freezedtr <faction> <true | false>factions.commands.admin.freezedtrToggles the selected faction ability to regen their DTR
/admin givemoney <player> <amount>factions.commands.admin.givemoneyGives money to the selected player
/admin items helpfactions.commands.admin.itemsGives the listed items.
/admin removeplayer <player> <faction>factions.commands.admin.removeplayerKicks the selected player from the selected faction.
/admin resetreclaim <all | player>factions.commands.admin.resetreclaimResets a player reclaim status. This will let the player reclaim again.
/admin setdtr <faction> <dtr>factions.commands.admin.setdtrSets the selected faction's DTR to a value. You can't exceed the faction's max DTR.
/admin setfactionleader <faction> <player>factions.commands.admin.setfactionleaderGives the faction leader to another player.
/admin setfactionname <faction> <name>factions.commands.admin.setfactionnameChanges the selected faction's name.
/admin setplayerfaction <player> <faction>factions.commands.admin.setplayerfactionAdds the player to the selected faction.
/admin takemoney <player> <amount>factions.commands.admin.takemoneyTakes money from the selected player
/admin vanishfactions.commands.admin.vanishThis will make you invisible. Staffs can still see you
/admin withdraw <faction> <amount>factions.commands.admin.withdrawWithdraws from the selected faction. Your own account money won't be used.
/admin reloadfactions.commands.admin.reloadReloads the config files
/admin helpfactions.commands.admin.helpThis help window
/spawn [world]factions.commands.admin.spawnTeleport to spawn between worlds. Worlds: 'nether', 'end'
/rollback <player> [id]factions.commands.admin.rollbackOpen rollback menu
/slots set <new slot>factions.commands.admin.slotsSet server's slot. Server restart will reset this value.
/slots resetfactions.commands.admin.slotsReset server's slot
/setspawnfactions.commands.admin.setspawnSet spawn of the world