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/faction chat <public | staff | faction | ally | leader>factions.commands.chatSelects your chat channel
/faction chat <public | staff | faction | ally | leader> <message>factions.commands.chatSend a message to chat channel
/faction claimfactions.commands.claimGives the claiming wand
/faction create <faction>factions.commands.createCreate faction
/faction demote <player>factions.commands.demoteDemotes player to the previous rank
/faction deposit <amount>factions.commands.depositDeposits the amount to the factions's bank
/faction disband <faction>factions.commands.disbandDisbands your faction
/faction focus <faction>factions.commands.focusFocusing the faction
/faction homefactions.commands.homeTeleport to faction's home
/faction invite <player>factions.commands.inviteInvites a player to your faction
/faction join <faction>factions.commands.joinJoin to the inviter faction
/faction kick <player>factions.commands.kickKicks a player from your faction
/faction leavefactions.commands.listLeaves your faction
/faction list [dtr | page][page]factions.commands.leaveList of online factions
/faction managefactions.commands.manageOpens the faction menu
/faction mapfactions.commands.mapPlaces columns on the corners of each surrounding claim
/faction rallyfactions.commands.rallyShare your location with your faction
/faction promote <player>factions.commands.promotePromotes player to the next rank
/faction rename <new name>factions.commands.renameRename the faction
/faction sethomefactions.commands.sethomeSet your location as faction home
/faction show [faction | player]factions.commands.showShows the faction information
/faction event <start | stop> <sotw | eotw | deathmatch>factions.commands.eventStarts faction event
/faction stats [player]factions.commands.statsShows the player statistics
/faction stuckfactions.commands.stuckTeleport to the nearest safe zone
/faction togglechat <staff | faction | ally | leader>factions.commands.togglechatToggle the chat channel
/faction top [points | balance | kills][page]factions.commands.topSorts the top factions by the selected filter
/faction topguifactions.commands.topguiOpens a GUI with top factions listed!
/faction transfer <player>factions.commands.transferTransfers your faction to other player
/faction unclaimfactions.commands.unclaimUnclaim your faction's claim
/faction unfocusfactions.commands.unfocusUnfocusing the faction
/faction uninvite <player>factions.commands.uninviteUninvites a player
/faction unrallyfactions.commands.unrallyClear factions rally
/faction withdraw <amount>factions.commands.withdrawWithdraws the amount from the faction's bank