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factions.elevator.useUse elevator. Default: false
factions.elevator.createCreate elevator. Default: false
factions.admin.eotwjoinJoin allowed when eotw is enabled. Default: op
factions.admin.slotbypassBypass for server slot limit. Join when server is full. Default: op
factions.crowbar.useUse crowbar for spawner and end portal. Default: false
factions.signshop.useUse SignShop. Default: false
factions.signshop.createCreate SignShop. Default: false
factions.admin.deathbanbypassBypassing deathban. Default: op
factions.admin.homebypassBypassing home teleport delay. Default: op
factions.admin.vanishbypassShows vanished players. Default: op
factions.update.notifyNotify when new version is out. Default: op